Oprah: I longed for balance

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12 March 2015

Oprah Winfrey felt “a bit unbalanced” in the aftermath of her chat show ending.

The legendary host decided to end The Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 years in May 2011. But after so long at the helm of such a popular programme, the 61-year-old didn’t know what to do with herself even though she was sure it was the right thing to do.

“When I decided to end the Oprah show, I knew my life without it would be forever different. And I was ready,” she told O, The Oprah Magazine. “For years I never had to think about what to do, or when to do it, because the show was all consuming. I longed for that elusive, ephemeral balance. Once my life was mine to design, I found myself a bit unbalanced in structuring it. I’ve had to learn to plan what I want to do instead of always fulfilling the 'have to dos'.”

'I knew my life without it would be forever different'

Since then, Oprah has spent more time focusing on her acting, and starred in hit movies including The Butler and Oscar nominated flick Selma. The star has found the change of pace and daily routine refreshing, and embraces her readers to do the same.

“It is the natural order of things,” she said. “I think that change can be absolutely positive because everything in nature tells us that life is constantly in motion, constantly moving us forward.”

As well as ending the talk show, Oprah is closing down her Chicago studios and focuses on managing a much smaller production team in Los Angeles.

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