Oprah's top lessons

By Kirstin Buick
15 October 2013

YOU recently attended an event where Oprah Winfrey was the guest speaker.  The legendary talk show queen is known for her inspirational quotes, and she didn’t disappoint…

Here’s a list of our favourite quotes of the day:

‘I always ask myself: Who am I? Is all well with my soul?’

‘The question you should be asking is: how will you serve?’

‘I use my platform as a force that is bigger than myself’

‘I say to God, ‘ how will you use me. I can I be used so that I can align that with life’s true calling’

‘When you take your last breath you should be able to say: ‘I did that earth thing. I got it down’

‘We are spiritual being living a human experience’

‘We should all strive to the fullest highest expression of ourselves’

‘You get what you believe’

‘You are not your circumstances. You are your possibilities’

‘We are living in the born free generation. Remember that’

‘Be responsible for the energy that you bring into the world’ -Jessica Levitt Share your thoughts:

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