Organize Now! - review

By admin
21 January 2010

If your New Year’s resolutions include decluttering AND SIMPLIFYING your life this inspiring little book is just the ticket. This beautifully presented volume covers topics such as time-management, paperwork, back-to-school, holidays and storage. Tasks are broken down into doable chunks, and long-term schedules and goals are outlined to help you to maintain your shiny, new clutter-free zone.

What distinguishes this book from so many others is that it recognises the psychology associated with clutter - that we have a relationship with our possessions and that it takes courage to let them go. As someone whose home is cluttered with books on decluttering this might just be the book that gives me the strength to ditch them all. As the author says: if we don’t get rid of old things we can’t make room for new things to come.

ORGANIZE NOW! by Jennifer Ford Berry (R159,95 Struik Lifestyle)

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Sandy Cook

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