Orlando Bloom dons his elf ears again

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04 December 2013

Actor Orlando Bloom returns to Middle Earth to help Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves reclaim their land from Smaug the dragon. He chats to YOU about his return to the franchise 10 years later.

hobbit How did you find out Legolas would be back for The Hobbit movies and what were your thoughts at the time? I had been in communication with [director] Peter Jackson. We met in London while he was there on a trip. He said, ‘Listen, we have this idea of ‘Leggy’ coming back. This is what we’re thinking, and this is how we see it. What do you think?’

The movie opens in SA cinemas on 13 December

And I said, ‘Of course.’ I love the character, I love Peter Jackson, and I love New Zealand. So I said, ‘Yeah, great.’

My only thought, and the point that I raised with Pete, was how fans would react to Legolas being a part of the world when he wasn’t written into the books. But Pete was very reassuring in his response, which was that obviously Thranduil is a part of that world. Legolas is Thranduil’s son, and there’s room for that story.

Pete always has one eye on the book, and keeping the integrity of that world and the story whilst taking some creative license to provide, I think, what hopefully is, for fans and audiences, entertaining storylines and character development.

What was it like to go down to New Zealand and get refitted with Legolas’ ears and wig? Did you feel the character coming back?

Of course, it was wonderful to go back to New Zealand. It was sort of like returning to family, really, in many ways. I lived on the same street I’d lived on when I was down there shooting the first time. It was amazing.

And obviously getting the ears on, the wig and costume and all of that stuff played into the character. I had time before shooting to do some archery training, sword fighting, horse riding, movement training, and all of those things.

All of that informed and reminded and refreshed me in terms of what I was doing with the character and how I had approached it all those years ago. It was a wonderful experience.

Will Legolas have crazy stunts in this movie like he has had in the first trilogy?

Yeah, he’s got some pretty cool moments. Pete’s good with that. He knows what each character needs in terms of moments to play out, and I think that’s part of who Leggy is.

Can you tell me about Legolas’ relationship with the Elf warrior Tauriel, played by Evangeline Lilly?

Tauriel is a bit of a rookie, tear-away Elf. She’s a very willful character. The story for my character is this father/son dynamic with Thranduil, and then Tauriel plays into that with her storyline and how they all kind of cross over and where they interact.

It’s a really nice, interesting story addition for Legolas. I think it all works well because, obviously, this is a prequel.

Since you made your debut as Legolas, have you found people come up to you over the years and tell you Legolas is their favorite character?

Yeah. It’s true. He’s a great character. As I said, it was a no-brainer in many respects because I loved to play him. He’s a beautifully drawn character by Tolkien. And then Pete’s vision for the character and letting his story play out was just wonderful. So, it’s been fantastic.


  • Pictures & Q&A courtesy of Warner Bros. Ent and Nu Metro Entertainment

The movie opens in SA cinemas on 13 December.

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