Orlando: I love my home

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01 September 2014

Orlando Bloom feels at home when he has "inner peace".

The British actor is based in Hollywood but is always travelling for work and as part of his role as a UNICEF ambassador. Because the 37-year-old is constantly jet setting, he's found a way to lead a settled life even with a hectic schedule.

"I travel so much, so home is the place where I come to rest. It's wherever I feel peaceful and am surrounded by my family and friends," he told German Lufthansa magazine.

"My home is the place where I can relax and switch off. Where I can find inner peace. It's more of a feeling than a place."

Orlando was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2009. Recently he travelled to Jordan to visit a camp housing 80,000 Syrian refugees and the visit still plays on his mind.

"Syria is just another country in the Middle East people aren't interested in. After all, there's no oil there. It's an absolute disgrace," he fumed.

"These people have lost everything, their homes, everything they know and love. Now they live in a tent in the desert and all they want is to have their old lives back, a life where they had jobs, a car, schools and lessons."

Orlando loves to travel and experience other cultures and how they live. Although seeing such poverty and terror on his UNICEF visits weighs heavy on his heart, the star knows how important his work is.

"As an actor I have the opportunity to get the public's attention," he said.

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