Oscar court case becomes Lego story

By Mieke Vlok
14 March 2014

An Instagram user has approached the Oscar Pistorius court case with a touch of humour by portraying courtroom scenes with Lego men.

LegoPistorius has already downloaded over 400 pictures on Instagram, including one of the Blade Runner standing outside court, his advocate Barry Roux cross-questioning a witness, and forensic teams discussing the controversial bathroom scenes.

The man behind the innovative project was this week revealed as 29-year-old Mando Tejeda of Chicago in America, the Pretoria News reports. He started the page in November 2013.

His profile now has more than more than 2 000 followers and is described on Instagram as “a profile about a little Lego man who looks remarkably like Oscar Pistorius. Made by a fan, runner and Lego addict.” He acquired the little Oscar man during the Olympic Games in 2012, ordering it from a website that makes models according to customer specifications.

'It attempts to address a very difficult question and world event'

Tejeda told the Pretoria News since he was identified he’s had to switch off Instagram because he’s received so much reaction to the page.

“It wore out my cellphone battery. If Pistorius gets to hear of the profile and wants it closed, I’ll do it out of respect,” he says.

Visitors’ comments have been generally positive, but there are Instagram users who feel Tejeda’s page is insensitive.

“I hope Oscar will see it as others see it; as another form of reporting done through social media. It attempts to address a very difficult question and world event,” he told the Pretoria News.

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