Oscar fans in a social media frenzy ahead of his homecoming

By admin
17 August 2015

Memes, wall posts and photo collages fill a supporters’ Facebook page dedicated to Paralympian Oscar Pistorius who is due to be released from prison on Friday, following his conviction for the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

“Strongs [sic] Oscar. God will guide, protect and love you. Can't wait to see you get out of that hell-hole,” wrote one supporter on the Support for Oscar Facebook page.

Another fan commented: “About time too. He should never have been incarcerated in the first place. Welcome home Oscar.”

Pistorius is due to be released under correctional supervision on Friday, 10 months after being sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on a charge of culpable homicide for Steenkamp's death.

“So happy my prayers wer [sic] answered xx”, “Oscar my man! Looking forward to your return” and “Thank you Jesus!” are just some of the other affirmations - mainly by women - posted on the page.

Another fan makes a request: “Pls no mud slinging [sic]”.

Blog tributes

Earlier this month, one supporter put out a call asking where she and her friends could send Pistorius “books, snacks and DVDs” for his release.

With 2 360 likes, the page has seen an 116.7% increase in page likes in the past week, with many people clicking the ‘thumbs up’ icon on the social media site.

Also adorning the Facebook page are various visual tributes linked to the Support for Oscar blog.

One is a motivational poster, accompanying a letter from a fan in the USA that writes to tell him to “keep being the special person you are”.

The poster depicts various wishes sent his way that include: “rainbows to follow the clouds… hugs when spirits sag… laughter to kiss your lips” and “love to complete your life”.

Prayers and positive thoughts for Pistorius

The Facebook page also details a weekly prayer and meditation session in which it encourages fans across the world to partake.

“Please join us in sending prayers and positive thoughts to Oscar, his family, and of course the Steenkamp family,” reads the post detailing the global times of when to pray.

A picture of two My Little Ponies hugging inside a sun formation as well as a seemingly Andy Warhol inspired photo-collage that lays out a multi-coloured array of prints of his famous blades are some of the other images on the site.

The photograph of Oscar used on the page, depicts the athlete with his head looking up and his arms clasped together as if in prayer.

On September 12 last year, Pistorius was acquitted of murder, but convicted of culpable homicide for shooting dead his model and law-graduate girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of February 14 2013.

He fired four shots through the locked door of the toilet in his Pretoria home on Valentine's Day, apparently thinking she was an intruder.

On October 21 last year, Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison for killing Steenkamp, and for three years - suspended for five - for discharging a firearm in a restaurant.

The Supreme Court of Appeal will hear the State’s appeal against the former athlete's conviction in November. The State wants him convicted of the more serious charge of murder, which carries a heavier sentence.


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