Oscar rushed to hospital with 'injured wrists', blades found in his cell

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07 August 2016

Oscar told authorities he'd fallen out of his bed.

Oscar Pistorius is undergoing treatment in Pretoria’s Kalafong Hospital, after being admitted for "injured wrists" at 12 pm yesterday.

According to City Press the former paralympian, who is currently serving time for the Valentines' Day killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, told authorities he fallen out of bed at Kgosi Mapuru prison.

While this is what spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo told the paper, an inmates close to the hospital section of the prison, where Oscar has been since his sentencing earlier in July said the 29-year-old had "hurt himself intentionally".

Two warders confirmed to the outlet that blades were found in Oscar’s cell during a search yesterday afternoon.

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Security guards from the hospital said, “He had bad cuts on his wrists and the doctors kept wrapping bandages around them."

Yesterday would have marked the first month of Oscar's six-year sentence, which was handed down by Judge Thokozile Masipa after her initial sentence of capable homicide was overturned by the Supreme Court.

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Oscar was deemed too unstable to take the stand during his sentencing in July. But the former athlete had given a no-holds -arred television interview to British broadcaster ITV shortly before this, which many deemed to have been a publicity stunt to garner sympathy.

After it aired in South Africa, experts told YOU Oscar's emotional retelling of the events of that night seemed insincere.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of TV to expose the flaws in your personality, said Dr Denise Bjorkman, a psychologist and body language expert from Johannesburg.

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“This is the painful lesson Oscar learnt with this interview as his credibility plummeted to an all-time low.”

She says the Olympic athlete is “out to save his hide and play the victim in his own story. It’s not a coincidence that the interview was broadcast around his sentencing.

He clearly wants to create sympathy and gain support for the idea that he doesn’t deserve to go to jail.”

She adds Oscar begins the interview with a concerned expression and leans forward, a subtle ploy to get viewers on his side.

“He also smiles occasionally, which is a way of asking the viewer to like him.”

As for his emotional moments, he “waits for his cue” and goes from “chatting pleasantly to howling” in the time it takes to flick a switch. “Oscar wasn’t sincere and his conduct was clearly manipulative and rehearsed.”

Clifton Coetzee, a forensic voice analyst, facial expression expert and chief trainer at the South African Polygraph Academy in Cape Town, said Oscar pouts when he gets emotional, which he finds strange. “I’d expect him to press his lips together and set his jaw. I view that [pouting] as overdone and insincere.”

The fact that Oscar doesn’t wipe away his tears, mucus and spittle when he cries shows he chooses not to hide them, Coetzee said.

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“He also talks at length about unnecessary details, such as when Reeva told him to brush his teeth before going to bed. From my experience when people relate such unimportant activities it’s usually a sign of deception.”

Coetzee said most people have behavioural markers that indicate when they’re hiding something.

“Oscar says, ‘I did take Reeva’s life and I must live with that. I can smell the blood and feel the warmth of it on my hands, and to know that it’s your fault and that’s what you’ve done . . .’

“Oscar acknowledges he took Reeva’s life but when he uses the determiner nouns ‘your’ and ‘you’ve’ he’s subconsciously blaming someone or something else for causing the stimulus that led to the shooting.

“He use of the present tense when describing the scene is not the norm and suggests deception – the story is being created in his own imagination.”

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