Oscar 'to be released next week'

By admin
15 October 2015

Oscar is to be released under correctional supervision on 20 October.

Oscar is to be released under correctional supervision on 20 October -- next week Tuesday -- according to reports.

The news broke on Twitter that the athlete had been granted parole, after serving only a portion of his sentence. Correctional services has yet to confirm the news, but are expected to release a statement by end of day.

Broadcaster eNCA and SABC reported that he would be released on October 20 and the parole board sat today to discuss his fate.

Lawyers for Oscar, however, told eNCA's Karyn Maughan that they are not aware of a release date.

Oscar had initially been expected to be released on August 21 but Justice Minister Michael Masutha blocked his release and referred the matter back to the parole review board. He said the parole board had acted prematurely when it decided on June 5 to release Oscar.

It should have met on August 21, after Oscar had served one-sixth of his five-year jail sentence, to decide if he could be released into correctional supervision.

On October 21 last year, Oscar was sentenced to five years for shooting Reeva dead on Valentine's Day in 2013. He fired four shots through the locked door of the toilet in his Pretoria home, apparently thinking an intruder was hiding behind it.

The double-amputee track star was sentenced to a further three years, suspended for five years, for firing a shot at Tasha’s restaurant in Johannesburg in January 2013.


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