Ostrich fillet with red wine sauce

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24 July 2011

Preparation time: 10 min

Resting time: 20 min

Cooking time: 10-12 min

Serves 4 


250 ml (1 c) buttermilk

250 ml (1 c) red wine

3 bay leaves

peel of 1 lemon, cut into thick strips

few sprigs of fresh thyme or rosemary


4 ostrich fillets, 90 g each

Marmite (or prepared mustard) and olive

oil for brushing

rocket to serve

red wine sauce (see recipe)


Mix the marinade ingredients.


Put the meat in a non-metal dish and pour the marinade over, ensuring the meat is completely covered.

Marinate for 2-3 hours but no longer or the texture of the meat will be spoilt.

Remove the steaks from the marinade and pat them dry with paper towels.

Lightly brush with a little Marmite (or mustard) and olive oil.

Cook them over very hot coals on an open grid or in a hot cast-iron griddle pan for at least 1 minute a side to seal them (the steaks will lift easily when you turn them).

Cook to the required degree of doneness (see below) and serve on a bed of rocket.

Spoon over a little of the red wine sauce.

Suggested cooking times (for 2,5-cm thick steaks): rare: 4-5 min; medium-rare: 5-6 min; medium: 6-7 min


250 ml (1 c) pinotage or other red wine

30-60 ml (2-4 T) honey

15 ml (1 T) wholegrain mustard

few sprigs of fresh thyme or rosemary

1 packet (120 g) blueberries

15-30 ml (1-2 T) plain yoghurt

Bring all the ingredients except the blueberries and yoghurt to the boil in a small saucepan and simmer until the sauce is reduced by half and thickened slightly.

Add the berries towards the end of the cooking time.

Cool slightly and stir in the yoghurt to give the sauce a creamy texture.

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