Ouch! Woman gets bitten by a snake on the toilet

By admin
16 May 2014

A woman has been treated for a snake bite after she claimed to have been bitten while sitting on the toilet in her home.

A woman was bitten by a snake while sitting on the toilet.

Noraslinda Asat, a housewife from Singapore, was sat on the toilet on the ground-floor of her home when she heard a water-bubbling noise and felt a sharp pain in her thigh.

When she looked down she claims she saw a six foot (1,8 m) long python sinking it's teeth into her leg, and after several attempts at grabbing the serpent, she finally forced it to release its fangs, report the Metro newspaper.

The 34-year-old spent a short time in hospital, where she received an injection for the bite, but she claims the psychological damage is permanent.

Officers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society claim they were unable to find the creature after they were called to the scene, but a friend of Mrs. Asat says they later saw it slithering under a manhole.

- Bang Showbiz

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