Oupa & me on the couch

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07 October 2010

Her year started happily, turned bad, then got worse.

Louise Herbst (26) married in January and four weeks later her husband threw her out of their home so she returned to her mom in Heidelberg, Gauteng. Now she’s caught up in a sordid small-town sex scandal.

Townsfolk say she lured respected resident and former mayor Koos Jonck (72) into a sex session and she’s accused of being in cahoots with a man who’s blackmailing him with photos of the romp.

Louise has known Koos and his wife since she was in high school – she calls them Oupa Koos and Ouma Martie.

Koos claimed Louise arrived at his office unannounced on Friday 13 August and flirted with him. She denies this, saying he’d lent her his bakkie and she was returning it.

‘‘I was driving him back to his office. I was talking, looking for advice, for a shoulder to cry on,’’ she says.

‘‘He was holding me. I was divorcing a man I still loved; I was fragile. I was an easy target. He used that to get to me. One thing led to another. There’s a couch with cushions. Everything seemed so unreal, like it was happening to someone else.’’

Then Louise heard a camera click. She grabbed her clothes and dressed huddled in a corner. Koos’ office bordered on Hendrik Mostert’s hardware store.

Then Koos told her Hendrik was blackmailing him – he’d demanded R200 000 and Koos’ bakkie or he’d publicise photos of the sex session.

Koos went to court to prevent publication of the pictures and named Louise too, suggesting he suspected her of being party to a set-up to blackmail him.

‘‘I wasn’t the instigator,’’ Louise insists.

‘‘People have called me a prostitute when I’ve done nothing wrong.’’

Read all about it in YOU, 14 October 2010.

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