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12 November 2010

It was one of the most anticipated TV broadcasts of the year and Michael Jackson fans around the globe held their breaths to see what it would reveal.

What would his mother say about her son’s often bizarre behaviour when she invited talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey into her home? And what would his kids say about their secret lives with a dad who was often labelled as a freak?

The broadcast does not disappoint as his mom,Katherine, and his kids open up for the first time since his death in June last year.

In the broadcast Prince Michael (13), Paris (12) and Prince Michael II (8), also known asBlanket, tell Oprah they saw him as just a “normal” dad. They didn’t even mind being forced to wear masks and veils in public although they could be “uncomfortable” at times, Paris says.

He just wanted to protect them, she adds. “He tried to raise us without us knowing who he was, but that didn’t go so well,” she says.

The interview was held at Katherine’s plush home in the Jackson family compound in Encino, Los Angeles – and at one stage the 80-year-old matriarch divulges Michael’s obsession with changing his appearance.

It’s true, she says: he had always believed he was “ugly” and one day announced he was going to have work done on his nose as he felt it was too big.

Katherine’s willingness to open up to Oprah may have been lapped up by a world still obsessed by the late musician but it hasn’t pleased members of her family.

Sister Janet (44) is offended that her mother let Oprah talk to the children.

“Janet and her siblings have never forgiven Oprah for broadcasting a show about paedophilia at the same time that Michael’s child molestation case was on the go,” a source close to the family says.

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