Our celebs join the celebrations!

By admin
29 April 2011

Believe it of not, but Highveld DJ Sam Cowen is watching the wedding with friends, wearing her own twelve year old wedding dress. (And she is very proud of the fact that she still fits into it, she says).

“The royal wedding is the most romantic thing I have ever seen,” she says. “But doesn’t Harrylook like he had a rough night?”

She loves the simplicity and the elegance of the ceremony, says the Generations actress Sophie Ndaba. “There was a bit of pomp and ceremony at the beginning, but that is to be expected as they are royalty. They can’t do thing like us commoners.”

TV personality Doreen Morris says Kate is looking very regal. “She surprised us all with her choice of attire. She looks like she has always been part of the royal family.”

The Survivor contestant Roxy Burger, who owns a bridal website, is equally impressed. “It is the perfect fairy tale wedding. The ordinary girl got the prince!” she says. She especially loved the moment William told Kate that she looks beautiful.

Liezel van der Westhuizen, DJ and TV presenter, says she was so excited when Kate walked up the aisle, it felt like she was getting married herself. “I had goosebumps!”

Even Liezel, who is known for her flamboyant hairstyles, was surprised by some of the outrageous hats seen on some of the guests.

Edit Venter agrees. “ Kate looks beautiful and the dress suits her. But I am a bit surprised by the hats! Especially the ones Andrew’s daughter, princess Eugenie and Beatrice, are wearing”.

 – who threw a party to celebrate the wedding – says he thought Kate looked pretty, but the train on her dress could have been longer. He was surprised by the fact that she wore her hair loose.

“I love the etiquette. The British is showing us how a wedding should be!”

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