'Our dogs can paint!' Arbor & ‘Dog Vinci’ are real PAW-cassos

By Litaletu Zidepa
28 March 2015

These incredible pups are using their talents to raise funds for furry friends in need.

For any up-and-coming artist, selling your paintings is incredibly exciting -- especially when you’re making a difference with the profits. But these Picassos are no ordinary artists. Meet Dagger, also known as ‘Dog Vinci’, and adorable Arbor, who are using their talents to raise funds for furry friends in need.

Two-year-old Arbor was rescued as a puppy by the Hendricks family in Las Vegas. Bryce and Jennifer Henderson were quite surprised to discover the new addition to their family was an artist. "When we tell people our dog paints, you can tell many of them don't quite grasp the concept," Bryce told MailOnline.

“They think she uses her paw or her tail, then we show them video of her painting in action and their jaws drop and they say ‘Oh my gosh, your dog paints!’,” he said.
“We were just looking for a companion and had no idea how much Arbor would change our lives. We saw right away how intelligent Arbor was, picking up tricks with ease and mastering them,” he said. Arbor has showcased her talents on live television to raise funds for animal charities.

“Her highest selling painting fetched $453 (R7 000) - with 100 percent of the net proceeds going to an animal charity in North Carolina. We sell most of her paintings via eBay, in an auction format,” said Bryce.

Much like Arbor, three-year-old lab mix Dagger II, fondly known as ‘Dog Vinci’ in the New York art scene, is also making a difference with his talents.

His masterpieces sell for close to $50 (about R770) and $200 (about R3 100), the profits of which his owner Yvonne Dagger donates to animal charities.

According to Yvonne, who is also a painter, the pup was watching her paint one day, when he started "nudging" her.

“I said, ‘Dagger do you want to paint?’ So his tail started to wag. I said OK,” Yvonne explained to ABC 7 New York.

PHOTO: Facebook.com/DaggerCanineArtist PHOTO: Facebook.com/DaggerCanineArtist

And she's glad she did -- now Dagger's paintings are raking in $50 (R770) each for Canine Companions.

"In his very four-legged, furry way, he's able to give back to the people that were so kind to him."

But Yvonne admits she gets a little green-eyed of Dagger's natural talents.

PHOTO: Facebook.com/DaggerCanineArtist PHOTO: Facebook.com/DaggerCanineArtist

“I’m jealous in a way,” she said. “I want to paint like Dagger, because he doesn’t know of anything else. He just knows what he knows and that brush stroke is just gonna land where it lands.”

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