Our most loyal followers

By admin
19 August 2011

We sent out the challenge and you pulled out all the stops.

It was an epic battle of the most furious tweeters out there. We saw retweets, bribes, DM’s and twitpics all in the name of fame.

At the end the battle was so close we had to crown two winners. Congratulations to Adrian Petzer and Juandre Swanepoel. You guys will forever be known as our most loyal subjects…err…followers.

We had a chat with the boys:

Adrian Petzer:

Age: 24

Job Title: Trainee Accountant

Twitter Name: @AdrianPetz.

Superhero Name: Boy in Tights

Coffee or Tea:  Tea

Pizza or Pasta: Pasta

Favourite TV show: Gossip Girl/ True Blood

London or Paris: London

Shout out: Shout out 2 all my amazing followers and awesome mates and You of course!! U ppl rock!!:D.

Juandre Swanepoel:


Job Title: Student Marketing Management

Twitter Name: @juandre2

Your fake Superhero Name: Superman

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Favourite Celebrity: Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

Pizza or Pasta: Pizza

Favourite TV show: Expresso Morning Show SABC3

London or Paris: Paris

Shout out:  Thanks to all my loyal followers & support. You all are amazing have a awesome weekend and to You Magazine staff!

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