Our Reeva, at peace with the dolphins

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31 May 2013

Barry and June Steenkamp scattered their daughter’s ashes among the waves so she could become one with the ocean she loved

They could never have imagined their daughter’s life would end this way. On a sunny morning in May, Barry and June Steenkamp waded up to their knees in the sea at Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, to scatter her ashes in the ocean.

“There are so many photographs of her on the beach. She loves the beach and the dolphins,” June says of Reeva, their daughter, as if she’s there with them. She died early on Valentine’s Day this year after being shot in the Pretoria home of “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius, her boyfriend at the time.

Today her parents are saying goodbye in a special way, at a place where they’ll be able to visit her now that she’s part of the sea.

Read Pieter van Zyl's article in YOU 6 June 2013.

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