Our top ten edu-apps for little fingers

By admin
08 June 2014

You can introduce your kids to technology from a young age. Pull up your iPad and get kids up to age five to expand their vocabulary and develop other learning abilities with the help these educational apps.

Download their basic versions free from the App Store.

1. Nighty Night

This beautiful bedtime story allows your little one to tuck in all the farmyard animals at night. While you’re switching off the animals’ lights one by one, your child will also feel comfortable when you turn out her light for the night.

2.Talking Tom 2

Just for a bit of fun. The cheeky kitten copies everything you say.

3. Twinkle Star

Another cute bedtime story which teaches your child about galaxies at the same time. Draw pictures of the various galaxies with a join-the-dots game.

4. Get Dressed

A play-play way of teaching children to get dressed by themselves. Boys and girls get to choose the design and colours of their garments and then have to put them on in the correct order.

5. Ladybug

This app has a cute song that teaches your kid where various body parts are located as the ladybird takes turns to “sit” on them.

 6. Vocal Zoo+

A simple app ideal for teaching a toddler about animal sounds. Click on the picturs of the various tame and wild animals and listen to the sounds they make.

7. Bus

Learn the tune of The wheels on the bus go round and round. This app also teaches the child the basic actions required to navigate any game on the iPad.

8. Paper Dolly

Similar to Get Dressed, but somewhat more advanced. Your child can choose their gender, hair style, accessories and even their own pet. When clothes are dirty, they also learn to put them in the laundry.

9. Little Pigs

Tell the story of the three little pigs as your own puppet show. Swipe the screen to move to the next scene and take pictures of each scene.

10. MusicSparkle

Have a little fun and discover if your child has a musical talent – from drums to the saxophone and piano.

BY Shané Barnard

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