Outrage after teacher hands out 'sexist' homework that tells girls how to act on a date

By Samantha Luiz
15 January 2017

Their assignment? "Go on a date! With a boy."

"I mean this is 2017 a girl can decide what she wants to do."

A school in the US, Highland High School, has come under fire after handing out homework with "a lot of gender bias".

The incident came to light when Jenn Oxborrow, from Utah, took to Facebook to share the assignment her daughter Lacy brought home from her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class.

"My 11th grade AP honors student's homework: 'go on a date!' With a boy," she posted, alongside a photo of the assignment.

"And follow his suggestions--don't correct his personal habits, don't waste his money, and show him respect. Thanks for educating our kids, Utah Department of Education. We really appreciate your evidence-based misogyny."

Apart from instructing the girls to go on a date, the "outrageous" assignment lists about 20 "suggestions" for how they should behave on said date.

"Eat the food you order, don't waste his money," and "Be feminine and lady-like" are just some of the "sexist" suggestions listed.

Read the entire list below.


"I was shocked," Jenn told ABC4 Utah. "I was completely disbelieving that this could be a real assignment."

Lacy also found the assignment left a lot to be desired.

"I mean this is 2017 a girl can decide what she wants to do." she said.

"There were just a lot of gender bias comments on those pages."

The Utah State Board of Education has issued a response to the viral Facebook post, which has since been taken down.

"As soon as this was brought to our attention, it's clearly inappropriate, and we had it taken down," said spokesperson Mark Peterson.

He says the incident will be looked into as the curriculum was never approved by the state board.

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Sources: good4utah.com, facebook.com

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