Outrage after video of canned lion hunting surfaces

By Jaco Hough-Coetzee
30 September 2016

A video recently shared on social media by the BBC showing canned lion hunting in South Africa has caused international outrage.

According to the video’s introduction the footage was shot on a game farm in the North West Province.

The video starts with a group of American hunters being driven through the veld on the back of a bakkie. Then a seemingly half-tame male lion appears about 30 m from the bakkie.

He looks at the hunters for a few moments before ambling along. The first shot is fired and the lion falls forward in cloud of dust – but he’s just wounded. He gets up and jumps in confusion before running away. Only to collapse a little further on.

But that’s just one of the gruesome scenes in the video. In another scene a lion that had been hiding in a tree is shot and falls to the ground. Another lion tries hiding in a warthog hole – but is shot where he lies.

After every kill the hunters congratulate each other with much fanfare and cursing.

Derek Gobbett, a photographer, made the video as a memento for the hunters, but decided to give it to the BBC instead, who shared it on social media.

Many people react in disgust in the comments section beneath the video:

Sascha S: “SICK and they shoot this beautiful animals JUST FOR FUN, it’s a shame.”

KonKarnage: “What the actual f*** is the point of hunting them if you’re gonna do it from a damn truck?! That’s the most retarded way of doing and cowardly. Regardless it shouldn't happen!”

Ali Khan: “I hope a day come where we release these f***ing hunters naked in a trap circle with lions or kids shooting them with high powered bb guns.”

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