Paarl man's jawdropping transformation after losing 151 kg

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22 January 2016

Melt Holtzhausen has battled with his weight all his life. But the turning point came when he tipped the scales at 243 kg.

Melt Holtzhausen has battled with his weight all his life. But the turning point came when he tipped the scales at 243 kg.

He decided enough was enough and had an operation to reduce the size of his stomach.

“I’d tried a lot of see-saw diets and lost weight and put it on again,” says the 42-year-old business analyst.

The operation was a procedure during which the stomach and intestines are reduced in size to make you feel satiated sooner and eat less.

Melt underwent the operation about three years ago in a clinic in Claremont, Cape Town. Since then a healthy eating plan and exercise have become part of his lifestyle.

“I just needed that kick-start to motivate me... I’d been a big brandy drinker but now I stick to red wine. After all, it’s good for the heart,” he jokes.

Melt says after the operation he started following an eating plan that he stuck to religiously. He also now goes to gym regularly.

“I don’t go to build muscle; only to maintain my body as it is now.”

In the past it was difficult to eat healthily because his job required him to travel a lot.

“But I’ve realised you can eat healthily even if you’re eating in restaurants or hotels. The secret is to eat chicken, fish and beef. Stay away from fatty foods such as mutton and pork.

“At the end of the day it’s about your will power – but my transformation has encouraged me to stick to my eating plan and new lifestyle.”

-- Jacques Myburgh

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