Pack of stray dogs show up at funeral of woman who fed them

By Samantha Luiz
02 April 2015

A pack of stray dogs arrived to pay their respect to a woman who'd spent her whole life caring for neglected animals.

Mourners couldn't believe their eyes when the dogs showed up at 71-year-old Margarita Suarez's funeral in Cuernavaca, Mexico. What was even more incredible was the fact that Margarita was from Yucatan, a state more than 1000 kilometres from where her funeral was held. Had the dogs in the area sensed the contributing she had made to their fellow kind?

Her daughter Patricia Urrutia revealed her mother had been an animal lover, regularly feeding abandoned cats and dogs on her block in Yucatan.

Upon arrival at her wake, out of nowhere a group of dogs came into the salon and stayed there all night as if on guard. This morning they left and couldn't be found anywhere, but one hour before we brought my mom out the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye. I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous," she wrote on Facebook.

The dogs stayed with her mother all day and night before eventually disappearing.


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