Pamela Anderson ‘orders Salomon’s daughters out of home’

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18 February 2015

Pamela Anderson has reportedly told Rick Salomon to get his daughters out of her house.

The former Baywatch star filed for divorce from her husband for the second time last week. The 47-year-old had previously wanted to end their union in July last year but withdrew her petition. However it seems Pamela is serious this time, as she’s alleged to have demanded Rick move his family out of her home with immediate effect.

According to TMZ, the blonde bombshell called her former spouse on Monday while he is working away in Las Vegas and insisted that his two daughters, aged 18 and 16, move out of her property ASAP. She also wants his Rottweiler Bumblebee removed.

'She has been acting completely unstable and her friends are terrified'

The poker player reportedly asked if she would give them a week or two to find somewhere new, but his former wife refused.

This will be the second time the couple have divorced, having previously married in October 2007. However their union lasted less than ten weeks before Pamela filed papers citing “irreconcilable differences”. Though they were withdrawn, they finally had their marriage annulled in March 2008.

The couple reunited last year, with the exact date of their marriage unknown. But after the latest twist in their romance, friends are reportedly worried about Pamela.

“She has been acting completely unstable and her friends are terrified,” a source told Radar Online. “The truth is that Pam is acting so mixed up, that no one really knows what is going on right now with her. Pam went into hiding immediately after filing the divorce and even Rick himself is dumbfounded.”

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