Pampered pooch laid to rest in style

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26 August 2015

Gizmo, was laid to rest in style on Monday, his tiny coffin draped in R25 000 worth of jewellery and gifts at a funeral attended by 50 close family and friends.

Owner and “mother of Gizmo”, Charmaine Mungal-Charles, said Gizmo, a 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was the light of her life and was loved by all who met him.

Gizmo’s distraught family placed a poignant funeral notice for their beloved pooch in The Witness’s classifieds section on Tuesday.

“Gizmo was not my dog, he was like my son,” said Mungal-Charles, whose day jobs include charity event co-ordination and tourism and travel lectures.

“He was a human in his own way. He liked to pick his own outfits everyday and when he saw me getting ready for work, he would run to his bed and fetch his brush and toothbrush for me to groom him.”

'I have never been so loved in my life the way Gizmo loved me'

Gizmo had an extensive wardrobe of doggie clothes, with his favourite piece being a Ferrari jacket, said Mungal-Charles. He also had caps and sunglasses.

Mungal-Charles said she and her husband Krish had decided to get a puppy 12 years ago as “an addition to the family” when their children started getting older.

“When we got him he was just two weeks old. He was the first of the other six to come into our home, but he was the best and fitted into our family instantly.

“He was a real gentleman and had such good manners. During family Christmas dinners and Easter lunches we would set a place for him at the table and he never begged and would refuse any food you threw on the floor for him.

“If someone threw food on the floor, he would just look at them as if to say, ‘What do you think I am? A dog?’.”

As the Mungal-Charles family grew and more dogs arrived, Gizmo quickly established himself as the leader of the pack and also found the love of his life, a little Yorkie the family called Cashmere.

“Gizmo became ill in May this year. The vets told us that although his heart was good, his other organs were not functioning as they should.”

On Sunday, Gizmo took a turn for the worse and all through his ailment, Gizmo’s daughter Joy refused to leave his side.

“She would sit by him and just stare at him for hours. She knew something was wrong.”

“I have never been so loved in my life the way Gizmo loved me.”

She will donate his clothes, toys and jewellery to a charity on his memorial on October 2. “It’s what Gizmo would have wanted,” she said.

The Witness

Pictured: Charmaine sits in the special bed Gizmo used to sleep in with Gizmo’s daughter, Joy the Yorkie. (Ian Carbutt)

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