Pampered pooches

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11 January 2013

Jacob Zuma, you’re wrong! YOU readers of all races are crazy about their canine pals

ABOVE: Dexter the pug has travelled all over Namibia with owners Naushure Ndoroma and Taimi Itembu

How about a yoghurt treatment for the skin, holidays in Europe or a wardrobe packed with designer clothing? No, not for you – for your dog!

When it comes to spoiling their four-legged friends YOU readers don’t hold back, we discovered, after asking on Facebook for examples of how people pamper their pooches.

It’s hardly a dog’s life for many canine companions. One owner even saved his dog’s life by giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

What on Earth would Jacob Zuma say? The president caused an uproar recently when he declared people who love their dogs more than people lacked humanity.

Spending money on their pets, taking them to the vet and going for walks are part of white culture, according to Zuma.

The fur positively flew in newspapers and on social networks over these remarks – across the racial spectrum. In light of this we decided to ask readers how they treated their pets, and the response was overwhelming.

See our selection of the best contributions and read more of Christiaan Boonzaaier’s article in YOU 17 January 2013.

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