Paramedics bring two 'drowned' toddlers back to life

By admin
21 December 2015

Paramedics have saved the lives of two toddlers in separate incidents following near drownings.

In the first incident, paramedics performed CPR for more than 45 minutes on a two-year-old whose heart had stopped beating following a near drowning in his family's Kempton Park pool.

Paramedics said on Monday the toddler nearly drowned at his home on Sunday.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Athlenda Mathe said the toddler was taken to a nearby hospital. He was not breathing and had no pulse at the time.

But after 45 minutes of "non-stop CPR", the toddler was revived, said Mathe. In the second incident, another two-year-old was revived after a near drowning at South Beach in Durban.

EMS spokesperson Robert Mckenzie said: "When paramedics arrived on scene they found life savers performing CPR on a boy aged about two years old.

"Paramedics continued efforts [to resuscitate him] which resulted in the child’s heart starting to beat again."

He said the child remained in a critical condition. He was transported to a nearby hospital.

Netcare 911 said they had responded to many cases since the start of the festive season.

Mathe said drowning was listed as one of the top causes of unnatural death among children in South Africa.

Mathe said that from the minute the brain stopped getting oxygen, irreversible brain damage could be caused.

Netcare 911 advised all parents and child minders to be aware of all the water hazards in and around their homes, including fish ponds, swimming pools, toilets, baths and open drains among others.


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