Paramedics fired after pregnant woman FALLS OUT of moving ambulance

By admin
31 July 2015

Two Eastern Cape paramedics employed by the provincial health department have been fired for gross misconduct after a pregnant woman fell out of their moving ambulance, the department said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said: "In September 2014, the two ambulance crew members were transporting a pregnant patient to Sipetu hospital, where she fell [out of] the moving emergency vehicle after a rear door opened.

'The crew didn't even realise the patient had fallen off'

"The crew didn't even realise the patient had fallen off until they were alerted by a motorist who was driving behind their vehicle when the incident occurred."

The woman sustained injuries and the crew members were subjected to an internal disciplinary process, where they were found guilty.

"It is the norm when a patient is on board that a crew assistant would monitor [him/her] and provide the necessary first aid," Kupelo said.

"It is against policy for both crew members to sit in front and neglect a patient."


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