Parents compare baby arms to bread rolls in this bizarre new trend from Japan

By Samantha Luiz
24 April 2016

You knead to see the pictures.

We've seen a lot of bizarre internet trends go viral, but this one takes the cake. Read more: The internet responds to bizarre #A4waistchallenge in the best way

Originating in Japan, this new Twitter craze has seen parents comparing their babies' arms to "pull apart bread rolls", which is available in Japan's 7-Elevens.
The photos were shared under the hashtag #????????????? or #mybabysgotthebestbread. Read more: Teenagers are making their own braces in crazy internet trend
Incredibly, this is not the first food plus baby trend to emerge from Japan. Last year, a trend where you squeezed a baby's cheeks into the shape of rice balls went viral.

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