Parents outraged over new Scooby Doo movie

By admin
25 August 2014

The creators of the new animated movie about the loveable dog and his crime-fighting friends are in trouble because the flick supposedly encourages an unhealthy self-image among young girls.

In the new Scooby Doo film, an evil mastermind tries to break each character’s power by taking away what they hold most dear.

The fashion-conscious and beautiful Daphne changes from thin to overweight. In one of the scenes she cries uncontrollably in a room filled with mirrors, and screams in horror as she looks at her appearance.

The movie caused uproar on social media where moms criticised Warner Brothers and said the scene could affect young girls who are sensitive about their body image.

Women’s rights activists took to Twitter to say the film creates the impression the worst thing that can happen to a young girl is to lose her looks or not be thin.

Watch the scene from the movie here:

Watch the entire trailer here:

-Mieke Vlok

Sources: Twitter, Mail Online,

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