Parents secretly film their baby – and can't believe what he gets up to

By Lindsay de Freitas
30 September 2015

Parents who were keen to figure out exactly how their baby was getting off the bed, secretly filmed him and were amazed at what their 11-month-old tot was getting up to.

In the adorable video the little schemer can be seen dangling his chubby leg off the edge of the bed to see if he can reach the ground. After he realises that it’s too high he sits for a while and considers his options. Looking around at what he has at his disposable his next move is pure baby genius!

The video was uploaded by the baby’s parents and captioned, “My son the genius… Baby is learning!”

It has since been viewed over a million times by people eager to see this baby genius in action. (PS. Make sure you check out how he tosses his dummy onto the floor just before he makes his great escape!)


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