Parents stage “kidnapping” to teach child lesson

By admin
06 February 2015

A 6-year old from Missouri in the United States has been taken into protective custody after he was rescued from what seems to be a staged kidnapping.

According to police, the boy’s family wanted to teach him a lesson since he is allegedly too nice to strangers.

The boy's mother, grandmother, aunt and a co-worker of the aunt told investigators they only wanted to teach him a lesson and felt they did nothing wrong, a press release issued by police said.

The boy was apparently lured into a van outside his school bus, threatened with a gun and told he would never see his mom again. He was also taken to a basement where his pants were taken off and told he would be sold into sex slavery.

His hands and feet were reportedly also tied with plastic bags and his head was covered with a jacket so he cannot see.

The ordeal lasted roughly four hours, and after being released, they boy was allowed to go upstairs where he was lectured about stranger danger, the police statement said.

The four people involved in the incident have been charged with kidnapping and other felonies. The boy is reportedly in protective custody after he confided in school teachers about the ordeal which he endured.


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