Parents troll their daughter in the funniest way

New York student Emily Musson and her boyfriend showed off their two-week-long relationship with some couple selfies, as many young couples do. Hilarity ensued when Emily’s mom and dad decided to mock the young lovers by posting some selfies of their own.

Emily and boyfriend Johnny had been dating for two weeks when she posted some cute loved-up selfies of the two of them on social media.

Her parents Nancy (55) and Craig (53) who have been together for 28 years were amused by the display of affection and decided to mock the couple in the funniest way.

'It's more interesting if you actually know my parents'
The older couple posed for their selfies in the exact same way as Emily and Johnny and mom Nancy posted them to Facebook. The hilarious photos got plenty of likes but it was only when Emily tweeted the photos of her middle-aged parents alongside her and Johnny’s snaps that Nancy and Craig’s efforts went viral. The pictures have since been retweeted 48,000 times and favourited a further 64,000 times.

“When it went viral I was confused. Like, yeah, it's funny but, like, it's more interesting if you actually know my parents,” explained Emily.

Nancy however is less shocked about her newfound fame according to Emily, “wants to be on Dancing With the Stars.”

Nancy even seems a bit jealous that Emily is getting all the credit for genius, she jokingly tweeted, “No one wants to interview me. I'm the creative one!”