Paris Hilton: Kim K used to be my style twin

By admin
27 May 2015

Paris Hilton used to love "twinning around" with Kim Kardashian.

Although the women aren't as close as they used to be, at one point they were rarely seen without each other. They even used to dress alike, with Paris not at all embarrassed about their sartorial choices.

In 2006 they wore traditional dress for an event in Germany, but even that doesn't leave the now 34-year-old star red faced.

'We'd always have the same look'

"That was for the Germany festival Oktoberfest, so you had to wear those outfits, and we loved them. We thought we looked really hot," she told British magazine Heat. "We'd always have the same look. We'd have the hats together, wear matching purses, twinning it around. It was fun. Both of our styles have definitely changed over the years."

Kim has enjoyed something of a style overhaul since getting together with her now-husband Kanye West. This week she admitted crying when he first tried to throw away some of her clothes, but she's now pleased she listened to his style advice. Paris can see why, as she's in awe of Kim's dedication to trends.

"I love it. It's so high fashion. She always looks very sexy and she always has different looks. I love that about her," she said.

Paris also knows a thing or two about style thanks to her accessories and perfume ranges. There has been a lot of speculation about the lengths she goes to with her looks, including that she will never re-wear a piece. She's laughed that off.

"People just say that. Like, if it's an outfit from a designer and they're lending it to me for the night, and I'm going to a big event like the Grammys, I'll never wear that again. But if it's just, like, everyday leather pants or a normal dress, of course I'll wear it again," she giggled.

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