Paris Hilton 'terrified' she's a target for ISIS

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29 July 2016

Paris Hilton is terrified she may be targeted by Islamic terrorists.

The heiress and reality TV star, 35, who is currently performing as a DJ on the Spanish party island of Ibiza, has watched the recent rise in violence across Europe from terrorists linking themselves to the group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with horror.

And after deadly attacks in Nice, France and Munich, Germany earlier this month she fears she may be next.

"What's happening is horrible," Paris tells Spanish newspaper Diario de Ibiza. "The recent attacks in Nice and Germany are terrible. It's something that disgusts and worries me. I travel a lot and I get frightened when I think about things like this.

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"I'm constantly moving around from one country to another and I'm a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me."

However, the wealthy star will not let the terrorist threat force her to alter her party lifestyle, although she feels she has to remain vigilant at all times.

"I'm also a very free person who tries not to be afraid of anything," she explains. "I just make sure I always watch my back. I always go out alone and without security.

"Many celebs have ten bodyguards but I like to go out with my friends and be normal because I want to be like everyone else. I'm not going to give up anything."

One person the daughter of hotel magnate Rick Hilton is not frightened of is the U.S. Republican Party's nominee for president Donald Trump, despite many of her fellow stars condemning the billionaire reality star-turned-politician for his controversial views and policies.

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"Donald Trump I've known since I was a child," she says. "He is a good friend of my father, I think he is an extraordinary businessman. The media love to speak ill of famous people and judge."

But she is non-committal about who she wants to win November's, 2016 American presidential election, Donald or his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, stating merely that she hopes the "best person" wins.

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