Parrot believed to have seen owner’s murder keeps repeating his last words

By Petrus Malherbe
06 June 2016

They're thought to be the last three words Bud the African Grey parrot's owner ever said – and they're absolutely chilling.

In May 2015, Martin Duram was murdered in his home in Sand Lake, Michigan in America. His second wife, Glenna, was also shot in the head but survived the attack.

Police are still baffled by the case and to date no suspects have been arrested.

It’s believed the only witness was Duram’s foul-mouthed African Grey parrot, Bud. Duram’s first wife, whose name hasn’t been released, insists Bud witnessed the entire incident.

Now Bud apparently can’t stop reliving the attack and keeps repeating the words, “Don’t f****** shoot!”

Duram’s parents want the authorities to accept Bud’s reaction to the murder as evidence. They’ve even handed a video recording of Bud repeating the words to the police.

The ex-wife now looks after the 20-year-old parrot which she and Duram (45) took care off when they were still married.

Duram’s family are convinced Glenna shot him and then turned the gun on herself but that her suicide attempt failed.

It’s believed Bud witnessed the incident and is now repeating Duram’s last words.

Glenna has meanwhile recuperated from wounds to her head but insists she can’t remember what happened that day.

The police have confirmed that Glenna is a suspect because they’d found three suicide notes in their home which they believe she wrote – one addressed to her former husband and two to her children.

She has not yet been charged formally with Duram’s murder.

His parents are disappointed with the slow progress of the police investigation. They realise Bud would never be called as a witness but still hope his repetition of “Martin’s last words” will help the police to nail the perpetrator.

Sources: Daily Mail; The Lad Bible; The Independent

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