Party crowns for little royals

By admin
04 July 2014

Holiday fun or party dress-up props – these crafty crowns we found on Pinterest will turn your little ones into princes and princesses.

All you need are toilet roll inners, paint, decorations, elastic thread (or string) and lots of imagination. Whether you let the kids make their own or lend a hand with the prep, these colourful crowns can lead to lots of imaginative play.

Painted crowns

Picture pinned from Heli Ruschig

I love these because even little kids who can’t do their own cutting can help with the decorating. The mom who pinned it says she painted the front one and the back two are by her three-year-old son. They used watercolours but poster paint is another good option. You can leave off the sequins if you prefer.

Bobble crowns

Picture pinned from

Tiny blobs of fabric paint are the secret behind the silver and blue “jewels” on these beauties. The black bit was drawn on with a thick felt-tip pen. The cutting is a little less straightforward than for the previous ones so adult hands might be needed.

Washi tape crowns

Picture pinned from

Wrap the toilet rolls in washi tape for bright and beautiful designs. I might just do some of these for my next adult birthday party to try to reduce my stash of washi tape!

Silver and gold crowns

Picture pinned from

These festive little numbers have been made with great care. They were painted inside and out with silver and gold spray paint. The decorations include scrapbook borders, ribbon, trim, stickers, beads, fancy buttons, glitter and cupcake papers trimmed with coloured pens – little works of art!

Fancy crown

Picture pinned from Imani Tolliver

I just love this extravagant creation, lavished with glitter glue, tiny pompoms, rhinestones, a starfish and a tuft of tulle. With one of these on your head I’m sure you could rule the world.

-Alfie Steyn

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