Pasella’s Paul Rothmann to divorce

By admin
17 January 2012

They tried everything to dispel the rumours but when pressure mounted they admitted their “paths had split for a while for personal reasons”.

They refused to admit their marriage was over however, and just four months ago were saying, “We’re now together and looking to the future.”

It’s been several months since gossip about trouble in paradise – and talk of an affair – did the rounds but the writing is finally on the wall for hunky Pasella presenter Paul Rothmann and his wife, Monique (both 33).

It’s rumoured things got a bit rough towards the end, with Paul even threatening to leave Monique’s possessions “outside in the rain” if she didn’t come to collect them.

“No, that’s not true,” Monique quickly counters in an exclusive interview.

She confirms they’ve split up but insists things didn’t get ugly.

“We tried to sort out our problems but just couldn’t get it right,” she says. “We’re both very sad about it.”

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