Passengers film the dramatic moment woman goes into labour on a plane

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14 October 2014

A Taiwanese woman recently gave birth on a flight from Bali to Los Angeles and a fellow passenger captured the drama on video.

Fortunately there was a doctor on board who could assist her when she suddenly realised six hours into the flight that her baby was about to be born.

The captain immediately announced an emergency and obtained permission from authorities to make an emergency landing in Alaska.


But the baby girl was in a hurry – she was born about a half an hour before the aircraft could land in Alaska. Air hostesses assisted the doctor and the mother.

After landing in Alaska the mother and her baby were rushed to a local hospital, where they’re doing well. The woman was travelling alone.

After all the excitement the aircraft resumed its flight to Los Angeles, where it arrived three hours late.

The baby’s nationality is a bit of a headache. Her mother is Taiwanese and she was born aboard a Chinese aircraft in American airspace. The hospital is in the difficult position of having to determine the child’s nationality.

Coincidentally a baby was born in an aircraft just last week. Heba Majdy, who was eight months pregnant, went into early labour on a flight to Egypt from Kuwait. Fortunately there was a doctor on board to assist her when her baby, Nancy, was born.

Jazeera Airways, the airline Heba was flying with, has promised Nancy free flights until her 18th birthday.

Sources: Daily Mail; BBC

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