Paternity test for Menzi Ngubane

By admin
27 May 2010

Relief. That’s what she felt when she heard how one of South Africa’s most popular soap stars had reacted to the news. She was expecting the worst - after all, it’s not every day you out someone as the father of your child (YOU, 20 May).

But Generations star Menzi Ngubane is being reasonable, Nomzamo Hlela says. He has indicated he’s prepared undergo DNA tests to establish if her son is his and if so he’ll support the boy.

“I was afraid of what he would do,” the stripper-turned-choreographer says. “People think I’m after fame and money but I have better things to do than to pull publicity stunts.”

She’s grateful Menzi is willing be tested and is happy to have her son, Samkelo Sphesihle (9), tested too.

“I’m not self-centred - I did this for my child,” she says. “I just want to reiterate the reason I went to the media wasn’t to hurt Menzi. I’ve tried other means of contacting him but they proved unsuccessful.”

The news that Samkelo might be his son took him by surprise, Menzi says. “When I read the story I was shocked and hurt. I thought Nomzamo would contact me because this is a sensitive issue. I wouldn’t have chased her away.”

Were they in a relationship nine years ago? Yes, he says – but he doesn’t want to say more. “Whatever happened, happened. Now I’m a married man. I respect and love my wife. Lerato supports me 150 per cent. That’s not going to change because I might have a son.”

Did he ignore Nomzamo’s attempts to contact him when she discovered she was pregnant? “She never contacted me,” Menzi insists. “I’m an honourable man. If that boy is my child I’m going to take care of him.”

He hasn’t heard from Nomzamo since she went to the media, Menzi says, but he’ll arrange a meeting. “My wife will be there, then the second step is a paternity test. We’ll wait for the results and take it from there. If he’s my son I’m going to celebrate. I would never throw my child away.

“If he is my child I’ll be happy.”

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