Paw-fect dog couple have the perfect wedding photo shoot

17 June 2017

What’s not to love about this adorable pairing?

They may be completely opposite in colour but these handsome hounds are just paw-fect for each other!

Meet Kaya, the smiley white shepherd, and her buddy Hades, the black sable German Shepherd.

The pair has taken the internet by storm after their ‘wedding’ pictures were posted on Reddit.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

And let’s face it, what’s not to love about this adorable pairing?

“Though both are two-years-old, the pups have completely different personalities”, explains their co-owner Ashleigh Macpherson.

Ashleigh owns Kaya and her brother, who she lives with in New Zealand, owns Hades.

“Kaya is independent, loyal and loving. She’ll do everything to try and please me, while Hades is quite dependent, extremely cuddly and he just loves everyone and will try to get everyone’s attention.”

Talking to Cover Images about the dog’s unique relationship Ashleigh says, “When they are separated and the reunited again, they can't help but cry, whine, lick, tails wagging and sniff each other. It's almost like they are asking, ‘where have you been?’”


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