Peaches Geldof wanted to learn from her mom's death

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05 May 2014

Peaches Geldof - whose death is believed to have been linked to heroin use - previously claimed she had learnt from her mother's drug overdose and didn't want to die in the same way.

Peaches Geldof didn't want to die like her mother.

The late star - whose death aged 25 was "likely" linked to heroin use - reportedly died in a similar way to Paula Yates' tragic drug overdose in 2000, and she had insisted she had learned a lesson from her mum's passing. In a previous interview with The Sun newspaper, she said: "I didn't have her as a mother so I didn't know where to find her. "I have experimented with bad drugs but I've never had a good time with them. And in the end it was my mother that stopped me because I'd lived through that chaos.

'I didn't have her as a mother so I didn't know where to find her'

"I'd seen what had happened to her and it has to be a warning for me never to get too crazy."

It has been revealed drug paraphernalia was found at her home, and it is said friends were worried she was slipping back into her old habits.

An insider added: "She had everything she wanted - a man who loved her and two gorgeous boys. But it was like she was drawn back like a magnet to drugs.

"Being an addict is a lifelong struggle. Her life was pretty overwhelming because she was the main breadwinner and she had two boys under two.

"Even though she loved it there was part of her that couldn't cope. Those habits she witnessed in her mum at a very young age were hard to break. It's desperately sad."

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