Penélope Cruz: I value my health

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04 September 2014

Penélope Cruz worries most about the internal effects of ageing.

The 40-year-old star has no problem with getting older, but wants to ensure she remains in the best condition possible. For her that means putting good food into her body and keeping in shape, rather than focusing on wrinkles and other visible signs of age.

'One beer once in a while is still good for you!'

"I try to take care of my health more. I've always been very aware that ageing isn't just about the way you look, rather it's about what's happening inside," she told British magazine InStyle. "That's what I value the most, as I think good health and not having to worry about an illness is the biggest treasure we have. So I try to eat well, I don't smoke and I almost never drink. But one beer once in a while is still good for you!"

Penélope and her husband Javier Bardem are parents to three-year-old son Leonardo and daughter Luna, who is 13 months. As she puts health at the forefront of everything she does, the actress didn't work out for many months after welcoming her daughter into the world. It was only when the tot was nine months old that Penélope even started to think about exercising again, as she felt it was vital to let her body completely recover from the birth first.

"I don't like running; I don't have the patience to run in circles. I used to dance for 17 years, which is probably why I don't like to run," she explained. "Dancing incorporates cardio, like running, but it's never boring because you have music and choreography and a story that you're dancing to. I don't do ballet now, though. I like yoga because it's a multitasking sport - it's physical and you're practising meditation at the same time."

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