Pensioner barely escapes after being sucked into escalator

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26 May 2016

A man known only as Uncle Liu will probably never forget 24 May 2016 – the day he nearly died after an escalator in a shopping centre in the Chinese city of Shenzhen collapsed underneath him.

Poor Liu, believed to be 66 years old, was dragged for almost 19 metres by the metal monster. After the machine was switched off he had to wait for another 40 minutes before fireman could free him.

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When the escalator collapsed he fell into the stairs and his leg was caught in the mechanism. His rescuers had to use hydraulic equipment among other things to free him.

While some firemen worked to rescue him, other comforted him with words of support.

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Liu’s left thigh was broken. He’s recovering from his horrendous experience in a hospital in the Boa-an area.

According to reports in Chinese media the escalator passed a safety inspection in December 2015, but other reports say personnel at the shopping centre knew five minutes before the incident that one of the screws on the elevator plates was loose.

Be warned: this video might upset sensitive viewers.

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