People are freaking out about the teeny tiny products Checkers is giving away

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07 July 2016

You thought Stikeez were bad...

You thought Stikeez were bad...

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Local supermarket chain Checkers is giving away insanely realistic miniatures of popular products when customers spend R150 or more.

BIG Brands with little prices. #checkers #checkerslittleshop

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The 'Little Shop' collection includes adorably tiny All Gold tomato sauce, Albany bread, Clover milk and Head & Shoulders shampoo, to name a few.

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The clever campaign is aimed at kids, but it looks as though it's the grown-ups who are having all the fun with the little toys, taking to social media to share snaps of their products in action.
"How cute is this?" Buzzfeed Community writer Chris Strydom wrote. "Makes me want to buy a few dolls and start playing house."
According to the Checkers site, there are 29 miniatures to collect, which will be given to you for every R150 you spend.

Children who collect all the minis will be eligible to enter to win R10 000 for themselves and for their school.

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