People are freaking out about this real-life Rapunzel

15 May 2017

"I had shoulder length hair when I was 11, and since then it's just grown rapidly."

A woman with 1,2 metre-long says she can't leave the house without being called Rapunzel.

Lianne Robinson (28) from Nottingham, has been growing her blonde hair since was 11 years old. Her luscious locks have since grown down to below her knees – and weighs nearly half a pound (0,22 kg).

The mom-of-one claims she cannot go anywhere without children calling her Rapunzel and people asking to take photographs with her.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

Ceaseless comments and attention from the public inspired Lianne to start an Instagram account showing off her golden locks.

She has since gained over 13 000 followers and has earned an army of awestruck fans who compare the full-time mom with fairy tale heroine.

"I can't leave the house without people coming up to me calling me Rapunzel. My hair is just around four foot (1,2 meters) long and it hangs below my knees. I mostly find that it fascinates children," said Lianne.

She also added that youngsters always point her out to their parents in excitement saying, "Mom it's Rapunzel!"

Laughing about an incident where her hair got trapped in her car door, Lianne said that she often has to tie it up into a bun. She also needs to do this because of all the attention she gets when she leaves it untied.

Lianne, who has a three-year-old daughter, Faith, claims she never intentionally grew her hair or went out of her way to make it long.

When she was 16 her hair had grown down to her backside – and it has been growing ever since.

"I had shoulder length hair when I was 11, and since then it's just grown rapidly. I wasn't doing anything to help or make it grow, it just sort of happened. I wash it every day and I go to the hairdresser twice a year for a trim. I go through a bottle of shampoo and conditioner a week, I make sure I wash it every day, it's in pretty good health."

One of the things that make Lianne the happiest is her social media account. She said that she finds joy in the attentions he receives online and describes the whole experience as overwhelming.

Her Instagram account shows off an array of snaps of her lengthy hair – as well as countless slow motion videos of her locks being flipped in the air.

"I can't believe the reaction online from people. I actually had my Instagram on private but my hairdresser told me I should make it public as people would love my hair. I started posting photos and it just kicked off from there, I now have 13 000 people following me with loads of lovely comments."

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According to Lizanne, her boyfriend Ryan also loves the length of her hair and never wants her to cut it.

"I don't think I'm ever going to cut it short, but I wouldn't want it past my knees. Getting called a real life Rapunzel is funny! I just don't know any different."

The Rapunzel look-a-like hasn't pursued hair modelling, despite her hair dresser's wishes.

Lianne's hairdresser, Sharni Knighton, 34, from Soul Urban Salon, said, "I have done Lianne's hair for a long time and it's always amazing to see.

"I have done Lianne's hair for a long time and it's always amazing to see. She takes such good care of her hair, and the funny thing is she's not even obsessed with growing it. Her hair just grows and grows - it's amazing. I keep telling her to become a hair model!"

"She only comes around twice a year, I'm lucky she lets me experiment with her hair sometimes and take photographs of what I have done.

"Being her hairdresser has ended up getting me loads more client because when they see I do her hair they put trust in me – as Lianne's hair is tremendously healthy. Her hair is beautiful, I'm lucky she trusts me to do it."

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