People are going crazy for this 3-year-old's recording of The Little Mermaid

By Kirstin Buick
25 January 2016

If you need something to put a smile on your face on a Monday morning, this is it.

We can hardly believe she's only three years old!

Claire Ryann Crosby from Utah in the US has become an online sensation with this too-cute-for-words video of her singing Part of Your World from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

“A few months ago, I was paying for an oil change, and when I turned around [Claire] was singing Little Mermaid in the lobby while everyone had their phones out recording her,” her doting dad Dave told

So he decided to record his Disney-loving daughter singing the hit song from the 1989 classic (her "favourite pre-Frozen era song") as a Daddy-daughter project on New Year's Day.

Incredibly, the tot knows every single word. "Somehow, she learned to speak and enunciate really well at such a young age, and I think that has made it easier for her to hear and understand the words so that she could memorize them. She has an amazing memory," Dad gushed.

The adorable video shows Claire, dressed like a little princess herself in a sparkly blue gown and sweet little ribbon in her hair, behind the mic and watching the audio track edited.

She loved it, Dave revealed. "She would ask me if she did a good job; of course I would always tell her she did amazing, and then she would run around the room celebrating."

The video has since been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube, not counting the times it's been viewed on channels who have re-uploaded the video to the video-sharing site -- which has Dave more than a little ticked off.

"The very dark side of video virality," the miffed dad wrote on Facebook. "Page like 'Disney Dorks' completely rip your video off YouTube and then it gets 1 million freaking views."

(Ed's note - we've embedded Dave's original video from YouTube, watching it will add views to his own version. You're welcome, Dave.)

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