People are having fake 'freckles' tattooed onto their faces

By Pam Magwaza
19 June 2017

Some of these don't look like real freckles at all...

Remember a time when having freckles was actually something people got teased about?

Now, some people wish they were born with freckles so much that they are actually tattooing them onto their faces. The trend, which has been documented on Instagram, has most people confused as to why people would want to have it done.

Faux freckles! Beautiful pattern that compliments her face ? #fauxfreckles #freckletattoo #mmsouthern

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Semi-permanent ink is used for the tattoos which make them last for up to three years.

Tattoo artist Mo Southern from Santa Clarita in the US told TODAY, “Since I started doing [freckle tattoos] last year, I’ve gotten dozens of requests.”

Heavier freckle pattern for this beauty! #freckletattoos #mmsouthern #mosouthern

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"Many women simply like the cute, fresh aesthetic that freckles can add to your look. It brings a certain youth to the face,” Southern said.

“People want what they don’t have!”

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Healed freckles ?

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Reactions on social media about the new beauty trend haven't been too welcoming:


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