People are 'wearing' watermelons in this juicy new Insta-craze

By Pam Magwaza
03 July 2017

Who knew watermelons would be the latest fashion trend?!

Another day, another Instagram trend...

This time, the trend has to do with cute poses, 'juicy' couture and an optical illusion...

The 'watermelon dress' has taken the Instagram community by storm, with thousands of Instagrammers posing with watermelon cutouts strategically placed in front of their bodies to look like mini dresses and skirts.

Although it is not clear where the trend started, it is on its way to becoming the biggest craze since the #NoMakeUp trend.

So, you want to take part but aren't sure how to do it? We've got you!

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Your personal Insta-photographer for the day simply holds the tiny, seedy dress - cut from the skin and flesh of the fruit - close to the lens the create the illusion that the person in the background is wearing it. Snap your photo and then post it on Instagram under the #Watermelondress and you're officially a part of the fun.

Here are some pictures for inspiration:

Feelin the breeze between my knees #watermelondress A post shared by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on

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Nailed it !!! . #funny #cute #illusion

A post shared by ENTERTAINMENT (@all_in_one_acc) on

#watermelondress ??? #fruits #creative #designedbyme

A post shared by Valeria (@valeeriaa_97) on

Summer weekend fun! #2yoolivia #watermelondress

A post shared by Sasha Birchenall (@sashaburr) on

#watermelondress A post shared by Pauline Lafosse (@paulinelafosse7) on

Sources: Instagram, ECR, Daily Mail

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