People asked the internet to 'roast them' – and the internet responds spectacularly

By Samantha Luiz
26 February 2016

This is the definition of "asking for it."

To be fair, the trolls lurking in the dark corners of the internet can't be blamed for this one.

It all started when Reddit launched a #RoastMe page. To participate, you have to upload a picture of yourself on the page. The image will then be used by other users to roast or diss the life out of you.

No one in their right minds would set themselves up like this, right?

For reasons unknown to us, some seriously brave people uploaded their pictures to be roasted. And the internet delivered.

1. "I stuck my head in a toilet twice because of an anime girl contest. Try to hurt my pride more than I already have."

roast me
Internet: "You look like the kind of deplorable human being who puts his milk in the bowl before his cereal." 2. "Roast my artist friend."
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Internet: "Who hung that door? It's super crooked, and the most interesting thing in the photo." 3. "My hair is a mess, I haven't slept in forever and I have finals...roast me"
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Internet: "There's so much oil in your hair, i'm tempted to file a class action lawsuit against BP" 4. "Just lay it on me."
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Internet: "Its awesome how you can look at yourself in the webcam and in the monitor at the same time." 5. "Cripple my self-esteem for life."
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Internet: How'd you lose the middle part of your mustache, french kissing Hitler?

We really can't blame the internet for this one.


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