People in Thailand are treating these creepy 'angel child dolls' like they're real

By Mieke Vlok
28 January 2016

Imagine it. You board an aircraft and find that the passenger in the seat next to you isn’t a person but a plastic doll – and its ticket has been paid for.

As far-fetched as it may sound, this is a regular occurrence in Thailand, where increasing numbers of people are carrying life-like baby dolls around with them because the dolls allegedly bring good luck.

“The first day I got him I took him out shopping for clothes in the baby section,” said Thai DJ Bookkoh Thannatchayapan.

“Right after I paid for his clothes I got a call that my canceled job was back on.”

The dolls, known as Luk Thep (Child's Angels) vary in price from 2 000 baht to 20 000 baht (about R916 to R9 164).

The dolls’ owners carry out special ceremonies during which angels allegedly enter the dolls. Then the dolls are treated like real babies – their owners feed them, dress them, talk to them and take care of them. The souls of dead babies are allegedly invited to live within the dolls and bring the owners luck and riches.

One of Thailand’s airlines had to issue instructions on how these dolls should be treated on flights. You can now buy an airline ticket for your doll and airline staff will treat it like a real person. They’ll even ask it to fasten its seatbelt.

More than 40 passengers have so far turned up at airports with dolls and a restaurant in Bangkok, Neta Grill, has a special offer on meals for the dolls.

“Neta Grill is open to all worshipers and we're glad to serve Luk Thep at children's prices on condition all the food ordered is consumed,” reads the restaurant’s Facebook post.

But some doll owners have become angry when their dolls were searched by airline staff. The government has instructed airlines to thoroughly search dolls to ensure they don’t have drugs hidden in them.

In a recent speech Thailand’s prime minister urged Thais not to be extravagant and to avoid buying the dolls if they can’t really afford them.


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